Why Anybody Should Visit Virginia At Least Once

A trip to the East Coast is not complete without stopping in the state of Virginia. It is a popular state for several different reasons. It is the gateway to Baltimore if you are coming from the south, and also where you can go hiking in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Washington DC, adjacent to this stage, it is probably the most popular destination. However, you do need to take into account that there are other cities including Richmond, Charlottesville, and Roanoke that all have something of value to offer.

Battlefields And Museums In Virginia

One of the reasons that people go here is to learn about battles during the Civil War. There is the Yorktown Battlefield, the Manassas battlefield, and the one that is in Fredericksburg. To imagine that so many people lost their lives in these areas, it is a destination for people that not only enjoy history but may also be looking for some spooky nighttime adventures. You can also head over to different museums to learn about the history of that area. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Virginia are two places that you should visit. There are also places that kids can go to learn things including Amazement Square, and the Children’s Museum of both Virginia and Richmond.

Making Your Stay As Pleasant As Possible

If you want to make your stay as pleasant as possible, you need to find a very nice hotel or luxury apartment that you can rent for the week. You might want to stay in Virginia Beach for a few days, or Fairfax, both of which have things that you can do that are fun. If you do stay for longer than a week, it is recommended that you travel to as many cities as you can. Alexandria tends to be the first or last stop for people that come to Virginia because it puts them so close to the nation’s capital.

This is a state that often does not get enough recognition. It has so much history. It is close to DC and is where so many famous battles were fought, that you will get to learn about our history. Likewise, there are beautiful places that you can go such as parks and many other locations. It’s nice to simply relax in this state which has a lot to offer but is not necessarily a tourist trap. Book your trip today and discover Virginia for your first time this year when you finally get to go.

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